Monday, June 28, 2010

Edmodo - The Educational Facebook?

Edmodo is a Web 2.0 tool that allows teachers to create educational networking groups for students and other teachers alike! After watching a YouTube tutorial (posted below), I have a better idea of how I can use Edmodo in my classroom next year. I think Edmodo would be a great way for students to post questions and respond to each other as well as allowing the teacher to answer other questions students might come up with after class. Students might be more enticed to ask questions on this Facebook type of interface as well. Teachers can also post documents to help students who seem to "misplace" pretty much everything that you hand out! :)

Overall, this could be a type of formative assessment area that helps the teacher gauge what the students are asking questions about, need more help with, etc. as well as to provide additional links to accelerate students or clarify materials as needed outside of regular class time. The benefits of using Edmodo in the classroom over Facebook is that this is private. The teacher has an access code that allows students to join the group, which helps with internet safety issues. Also, the teacher can oversee everything that is posted. Edmodo seems to be all business whereas Facebook has more personal applications that might not always be appropriate for school use. Watch the tutorial and tell me how else you think Edmodo can be used in the classroom!

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