Friday, October 14, 2011

Feeding Frenzy

This week the students were studying about populations.  To kick off this topic, students participated in an Owl Simulation.  Students were assigned roles as either a mom or dad owl or a baby owlet.  The mom/dad owls used forks as talons to feed beans to their owlets, who used plastic cups as their beaks.  All of the owls had to stay within the confines of their nest, which was one square meter.  If the owls stepped outside the nest, then they "fell out" of the nest and died.  If the owls received a white bean instead of a red kidney bean, then they were poisoned.  Owls also could starve if they didn't receive enough beans to eat.  We related this activity to our guided notes later in the week when we were talking about limiting factors, which are environmental factors that cause a population to decline.  Students then took a quiz on Friday.

Next week is our short week before the Pumpkin Show.  We will be designing prototypes to launch pumpkin peeps (just like the Easter peeps but shaped like pumpkins).  This will revisit the science and technology standards that we studied a few weeks ago.

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