Sunday, February 5, 2012

Travel Channel Commercial Challenge Winners!

It's been a long time since our last science update, but the seventh graders have been busy working on the Travel Channel Commercial Challenge.  Students were challenged to research an assigned biome and create an infomercial that would make Travel Channel viewers want to visit that biome on their next vacation.  Students not only had to develop their scientific knowledge with biomes and the biodiversity of plants and animals but they had to use their social studies skills to understand the location of the biomes and language arts skills to create persuasive scripts for their infomercials.  Students also learned how to research and got a lot of practice summarizing online articles.  Now that the biome unit is wrapped up, we are starting to study the water cycle.  There are lots of neat activities that the students will be doing as we venture into the water cycle, the atmosphere, and weather in the coming months!

Here are the winning Travel Channel Commercial Challenge winners (as voted on by their peers through Edmodo):

1st Period Champions - The Tundra Biome by Morgan, Mariah, and Trevor

2nd Period Champions - The Desert Biome by Kyleigh, Trevor, and Haley

4th Period Champions - The Grassland Biome by Emmy, Morgan, Brooke, & David

5th Period Champions - The Grassland Biome by Charlie, Riley, Mark, & Caitlan

6th Period Champions - The Tropical Rain Forest Biome by Ben, Shaun, Kaitlyn, & Adrianna

8th Period Champions - The Desert Biome by Donovan, Austin G, Mikayla, Justin, & Jeff

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