Monday, February 4, 2013

Travel Channel Infomercial Student Favorite

Students worked collaboratively on creating infomercials for the Travel Channel, which featured an assigned world biome.  The best infomercial from each class were then selected by the students to represent their class in the grade level voting.  Who would you have voted for as your family/friend fan favorite?  Click here to see all the candidates and place your vote.

Below you will see the Best of the 7th Grade as voted on by the seventh grade:

1st Place - 5th Period - Alexxis, Johnathon, Dakota, and Chris - Grasslands

2nd Place - 4th Period - Katie, Taylor, Poppers, and Chandler

And....a tie for 3rd place between 1st period and 8th period!

1st Period - Carley, Lilly, and Kayli - Boreal Forest

8th Period - Kristen E, Aaron, Wes, and Megan

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