Thursday, September 25, 2014

The 21st Century Classroom: Google Classroom

Have you used Google Apps in your classroom?  If not, you should start soon!  I had started using Google Apps as a collaboration tool within the classroom.  The students could share a document with the people in their groups, which would allow them to work on the same document at the same time no matter their location.  I encouraged them to set a meeting time to log onto the computer at home where they could brainstorm and work together.  Google Docs would show who was typing what (and even allows them to type at the same time on different parts of the document).  The best part is that Google Docs always saves your work automatically!  There are no more of the: "I can't find that file" or "I must have forgotten to save that yesterday" excuses that delays productivity.  The students could even share the file with the teacher to grade in a paperless fashion.  I thought that was so awesome...that is until I saw this video on Google Classroom, which is new for this 2014 school year!

This video shows how you can set up a class within your Google Apps, add students, send class e-mails with one touch, create an assignment, and enter grades and feedback for the assignment.  What an efficient and paperless way to run your classroom!  You can post the due dates for the assignment and monitor how many students have submitted (or have yet to submit the assignment) easily.  Google Classroom will then organize the submitted assignments (by assignment and class) rather than having you search for whatever the students saved the document as in your Shared Documents using the old Google Docs method.  Watch the video below to see how you could utilize this in your room!

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