Friday, September 9, 2011

Metric Mania!

Students in Mrs. Willyerd's 8th period class partner teach the formula: v = l x w x h.
This week students finished the ProOhio Assessment, which will be used to tell teachers what students know currently.  We use this data to track the student's growth throughout the year as well as pinpoint areas of general weakness amongst the class to really concentrate on those difficult concepts for the students.

After the ProOhio, we studied the metric system in preparation for the labs we will do next week.  Students took guided notes, learned to partner teach, and worked on the SmartBoard to reinforce what students learned.  Partner teaching allows students to work with a peer to remember certain information using gestures.  For example, we learned the formula to find the volume of a rectangular solid (v = l x w x h).  Students had a gesture for each part of the formula.  Then, they had to repeat the formula along with the gesture to their partner.  Students are using their multiple intelligences to learn in this way - kinesthetic (hands-on), visual, and auditory.  Therefore, each student is being catered to the way they learn the best.

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