Friday, September 28, 2012

Watercraft Challenge & Egg-ceptional Packaging

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Students worked this week on developing an important skill through science and technology.  Students were asked to find a solution to a problem using limited time and resources.  The first challenge was the Watercraft Challenge.  Students created a watercraft using foil, straws, tape, and paper cups.  The watercraft was then tested in a bucket of water by adding as many pennies as it could hold before sinking.  The top watercraft held 85 pennies this year!

The next challenge was the Egg-ceptional Packaging project.  Students were asked to design a package that would prevent an egg from leaking or cracking when dropped from the football bleachers.  Students were given limited materials, such as: straws, toothpicks, tape, a square of bubble wrap, a plastic grocery sack, and rubberbands to make their packages.  Only 3 teams in the entire seventh grade had eggs that survived the fall from the bleachers today!  Check out the collage of photos from these activities above.

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